"Kimco has been partnering with INTERnection for over 10 years. This partnership has allowed us to streamline our advertising process, increase our return on investment, and manage our yearly spend. It is a pleasure doing business with Internection. We benefit daily from tapping in to their advertising expertise, and their customer follow through is superb."  

Kimberly Keller
Talent Acquisition Manager
Kimco Staffing Services, Inc.


"INTERnection has always given us nothing but their best! We consider them much more than just a vendor; they are our partner in our recruiting/advertising efforts. INTERnection has allowed us to expand our exposure to the general public, be it on the web or in print, through its staff's continued dedication and exceptional attention to our account. We greatly appreciate all of their work in making our jobs here easier."

Michael Wharton
Sr. Human Resources Recruiter
Sony Computer Entertainment America

"INTERnection has simplified my ad placing and payment. Placing up to 35 ads per week, for a dozen different profit centers, could be an absolute nightmare! Having INTERnection makes it much less hectic. With INTERnection’s custom billing, the process of allocating costs to specific offices is easy – and I have a copy of every ad placed for future reference. In addition, my rep is a great communicator – I always know she will respond promptly when I have a question."

Diana Vickery
Professional Recruiter
Manpower and Manpower Professional Northeastern Illinois

"INTERnection never ceases to amaze me with their in-depth knowledge of advertising and their ability to determine our needs. INTERnection has handled all of my recruitment advertising needs from day one. In fact, I was more than happy to bring my relationship with INTERnection with me when I joined Intermedia.NET. I have used INTERnection exclusively for more than 4 years and I will continue to use INTERnection for all of my advertising needs. I will continue to recommend INTERnection to anyone that asks."


Diana Kimrey

Operations Manager



"Single handedly meeting the advertising needs of our 51 healthcare centers across Northern and Southern California is an enormous responsibility and a tedious process. INTERnection has simplified this task by meeting all of our advertising needs, being the primary contact between the many local newspapers, online recruiting sites, and advertising magazines. They have streamlined the ad placement process and accomplish in one day what I could have done in one week, but most importantly, their customer service and response time is exceptional!"


Sandra Pacquette

Recruitment Coordinator

Country Villa Health Services




“I’ve benefitted from the helpful service of INTERnection for nearly ten years … but the value of INTERnection’s service has never been higher than it is now.  The extra effort to master the details and fulfill requests quickly makes INTERnection one of my most valued vendor-partners.”
Rick Hoffmann
Manager, Organizational Development
Superior Essex